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Its finally here! New 2015 launched website!All YouTubes best Base Layouts, Giveaways, Wallpaperss, Tips, Tricks and much more!“I AM SPONSORED” Support this channel and seal the future of it. Sponsortubes has ClashOfClans Strategy Guides that will show you all tactics and tricks you didn’t know to reach the very top! Follow the link to check it all sponsortubes and GET Paid ! Clashers!Its not just a attractive base but also very effective. This base center is made up of your most important defenses. While surrounded by towers and cannons, the mortars are able to take all goblins and barbarians. Giants will have to destroy at least one entire side of the base and walk through all the traps, to reach the mortars and air defense. Healers, dragons, balloons will be greatly taking care off. Never had a TH7 attacking this base and getting 2 stars, never had a 3 star loss either. Hope you enjoyed it! Brought me to Gold league. Tell me what you think. leave a comment and don`t forget to like and subscribe for more. Happy Clashing-Clash of Clans - TH6 Trophy and Clan War Base (Butterfly)-Clash of Clans - TH6 Trophy and Clan War Base (Butterfly)-Clash of Clans - TH6 Trophy and Clan War Base (Butterfly)